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Faster Code

ArrayFire is a blazing fast software library for GPU computing. Its easy-to-use API and array-based function set make GPU programming simple. A few lines of code in ArrayFire can replace dozens of lines of raw GPU code, saving you valuable time and lowering development costs.

Hardware Neutral

ArrayFire supports both CUDA-capable NVIDIA GPUs and most OpenCL devices, including AMD GPUs/APUs and Intel Xeon Phi co-processors. It also supports mobile OpenCL devices from ARM, Qualcomm, and others. We want your code to run as fast as possible, regardless of the hardware.

Open Source

ArrayFire is open source—it's all there and it's all free. Be sure to check out all of the ArrayFire functions (and a lot more!) in our excellent documentation. And don't forget to visit our forums to connect with the ArrayFire community and pick up acceleration tips and innovative best practices.