Visit ArrayFire at GTC 2016

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GTC is quickly approaching and we want to see you there! When: April 4-7 Where: San Jose, California ArrayFire Booth: 103 GTC is the world's premier GPU developer conference. Connect with experts from NVIDIA and other leaders in high performance computing. At GTC you'll discover what's next in GPU breakthroughs and gain useful insights in hundreds of sessions and hands-on labs covering a diverse range of application domains. We invite you to attend the following talk presented by one of our knowledgeable and experienced GPU developers. Real-Time Visualization of CUDA® Data Using ArrayFire Forge Presented by Brian Kloppenborg - Wednesday April 6 at 3:30 pm (Room 211B) We will debut ArrayFire Forge, our new general-purpose data visualization library for GPUs. ArrayFire Forge is a ...

ArrayFire at SC15

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SC15 is almost here! We're getting excited to head down to Austin, Texas, to be a part of this excellent conference. It's a great place for soaking up HPC knowledge, getting inspired, and connecting with the brightest minds in the industry. Here's a quick run-down of where we'll be. Visit our booth. We're booth #2229. We'll be showing off our latest demos and our engineers will be available for questions. Ask your questions, meet the team, or just bounce some ideas. Try our in-booth tutorials. Want to learn how to use ArrayFire to accelerate your code? Stop by and receive an in-booth tutorial from one of our ArrayFire experts. We’ll show you how the open source ArrayFire software library makes programming GPUs and ...

ArrayFire release cycle

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Coming off of our latest release cycle, we think it is a good time to talk about our release policy more openly. In this post we are going to talk about our versioning scheme and the expected release cycle. The versioning scheme of the library will follow the Apache Portable Runtime guidelines. Each release version number will be of the following format arrayfire-x.y.z. The releases are going to be categorized broadly into the following categories based on the frequency and scope. Bug fix releases A bugfix release will bump the 3rd digit of the release version. These releases will neither add new functions nor break API and ABI compatiblity from the previous Feature release. Bug fix releases will be infrequent, ...

ArrayFire v3.0 is here!

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Today we are pleased to announce the release of ArrayFire v3.0. This new version features major changes to ArrayFire’s visualization library, a new CPU backend, and dense linear algebra for OpenCL devices. It also includes improvements across the board for ArrayFire’s OpenCL backend. A complete list ArrayFire v3.0 updates and new features can be found in the product Release Notes. With over 8 years of continuous development, the open source ArrayFire library is the top CUDA and OpenCL software library. ArrayFire supports CUDA-capable GPUs, OpenCL devices, and other accelerators. With its easy-to-use API, this hardware-neutral software library is designed for maximum speed without the hassle of writing time-consuming CUDA and OpenCL device code. With ArrayFire’s library functions, developers can maximize ...

ArrayFire is Now Open Source

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Yes, you read that right! ArrayFire is open source—it’s all there and it’s all free. This is big, and you and the rest of the parallel computing community are going to love it! You can download our pre-compiled binary installers which are optimized for a wide variety of systems or you can get a copy of the ArrayFire source code from our GitHub page. ArrayFire is being released under the BSD 3-Clause License, which will enable unencumbered deployment and portability of ArrayFire for commercial use. So go check it out! We welcome your feedback and look forward to your future contributions to ArrayFire. The move to open source isn't our only news—we've also made ArrayFire better than ever. Check out our recent ...

Joint Webinar with AMD: An Introduction to OpenCL Libraries

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Back by popular demand! You're invited to join us for a second webinar held jointly with AMD to discuss productive OpenCL Programming – An Introduction to OpenCL Libraries. We had so many people attend the first one, we decided to hold a second webinar! The webinar will be held on Monday, May 19 at 9 am PT / 11 am CT / 12 pm ET. Join ArrayFire COO Oded Green as he demonstrates best practices to help you quickly get started with OpenCL programming.  Learn how to get the best performance from AMD hardware in various programming languages using the ArrayFire library. Oded will discuss the latest advancements in the OpenCL ecosystem, including cutting edge OpenCL libraries such as clBLAS, clFFT, clMAGMA and ArrayFire. ...

Open Source Initiatives from ArrayFire

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At ArrayFire we like to use a lot of Free/Open Source software. We use various Linux distributions, Jenkins, Gitlab, gcc, emacs, vim and numerous other FOSS tools on a daily basis. We also love the idea of developing software collaboratively and openly. Last year we started working with AMD on CL Math Libraries. Internally we've had numerous discussions about contributing to the GPGPU community. However, it's neither simple nor straightforward to take a closed software Open Source. Earlier this year, we decided to take the first step and Open Source all of the ArrayFire library's  tertiary projects. This includes all of our ArrayFire library's language wrappers, examples, and source code used for our blog posts. All of our projects are hosted at our ...

ArrayFire v2.1 Official Release

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It's that time again—we're pleased to announce the release of our newest version of ArrayFire: ArrayFire v2.1. ArrayFire v2.1 is now bigger, faster, and stronger, thanks to some key function additions, API changes, feature improvements, and bug fixes. ArrayFire is a CUDA and OpenCL library designed for maximum speed without the hassle of writing time-consuming CUDA and OpenCL device code.  With ArrayFire’s library functions, developers can maximize productivity and performance. Each of ArrayFire’s functions has been hand-tuned by CUDA and OpenCL experts. Major Updates Support for CUDA 6.0 Support for Mac OS X New language support (available on github)       ArrayFire for Java       ArrayFire for R!       ArrayFire for Fortran* ArrayFire Extras on Github       All language wrappers       ...

New Look, Same Acceleration Gang

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We have officially rebranded from AccelerEyes to ArrayFire! Our rebranding includes a website redesign, improved documentation, and–bonus–an upcoming release of a new version of the ArrayFire software library. We have even more innovations waiting in the wings, and we are optimistic of a bright future under our new banner! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this transition–we’re happy to help you find what you’re looking for and to assist in whatever ways we can. If you want faster code, you've come to the right place! -The ArrayFire Gang

ArrayFire v2.0 Official Release

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We are thrilled to announce the official release ArrayFire v2.0, our biggest and best product ever! ArrayFire v2.0 adds full commercial support for OpenCL devices including all AMD APUs and AMD FireProTM graphics, CUDA GPUs from NVIDIA, and other OpenCL devices from Imagination, Freescale, ARM, Intel, and Apple. ArrayFire is a CUDA and OpenCL library designed for maximum speed without the hassle of writing time-consuming CUDA and OpenCL device code.  With ArrayFire’s library functions, developers can maximize productivity and performance. Each of ArrayFire’s functions has been hand-tuned by CUDA and OpenCL experts. Announcing ArrayFire for OpenCL Support for all of ArrayFire's function library (with a few exceptions) Same API as ArrayFire for CUDA enabling seamless interoperability Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation of ...