ArrayFire v2.0 Release Candidate Now Available for Download

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ArrayFire v2.0 is now available for download. The second iteration of our free, fast, and simple GPU library now supports both CUDA and OpenCL devices. Major Updates ArrayFire now works on OpenCL enabled devices New and improved documentation Optimized for new GPUs--NVIDIA Kepler (K20) and AMD Tahiti (7970) New in ArrayFire OpenCL Same APIs as ArrayFire CUDA version Supports both Linux and Windows Just In Time Compilation (JIT) of kernels Parallel for: gfor Accelerated algorithms in the following domains Image Processing Signal Processing Data Analysis and Statistics Visualization And more New in ArrayFire CUDA New Signal and Image processing functions Faster transpose and matrix multiplication Better debugging support for GDB and Visual Studio Bug fixes to make overall experience better For a more complete list of  the ...

Joint Webinar with NVIDIA - ArrayFire for Defense and Intelligence Applications

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AccelerEyes and NVIDIA invite you to participate in a joint webinar designed to help you learn about ArrayFire, a productive, easy-to-use GPU software library for C, C++, and Fortran. Major defense and intelligence institutions are discovering just how effective GPU computing can be in enabling unique solutions for applications related to video analysis, recognition, and tracking. During this informative webinar, Kyle Spafford, a Senior Software Developer at AccelerEyes, will explain how to accelerate common defense and intelligence algorithms using ArrayFire. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM PDT. Register for this webinar by clicking here. We hope you will join us as we discuss exciting developments in GPU computing software!

clMath: An Open Source BLAS and FFT Library for OpenCL

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If you're reading our blog, BLAS and FFT libraries likely form an important basis for your work. For instance, BLAS and FFT libraries are used in some of ArrayFire's higher-level functions for linear algebra, signal processing, and image processing. Today, OpenCL is getting a big boost in BLAS and FFT library availability. AMD has announced a bold and generous move to contribute back to the OpenCL community by open sourcing its APPML BLAS and FFT OpenCL libraries. At AccelerEyes, we have used AMD's OpenCL libraries in the past within our higher-level ArrayFire library. These libraries are the best BLAS and FFT OpenCL libraries available anywhere. We are thrilled to now join AMD and the open source community in maintaining and improving these ...

Giddy for GTC - We're Taking it to the Next Level

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GTC is quickly approaching and AccelerEyes is giddy with excitement! This year we are taking things to the next level as a Silver Sponsor at GTC 2013. Meaning, you'll be seeing a lot more of us throughout the conference! Schedule a Meeting with Us Do you want to meet with us personally? Schedule a time to sit down with AccelerEyes engineers and account representatives using our online scheduler. Visit our Booth If  you're attending GTC, be sure to come visit us at booth #204 to see some great demos or to chat with anyone in our Software Shop for CUDA & OpenCL. Come see how ArrayFire complements other GPU development efforts, including raw CUDA/OpenCL development, OpenACC, and other GPU libraries. Register ...

Upcoming CUDA & OpenCL Training Courses

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We're pleased to announce upcoming CUDA and OpenCL training courses. Over the past couple of years, we've received numerous requests from around the world to be trained by AccelerEyes engineers. We finally got our act together and now have a nice schedule of CUDA and OpenCL training courses for 2013 within the United States: CUDA Feb 25-26, Houston, TX Mar 4-5, Baltimore/Washington D.C. Mar 25-26, Los Angeles, CA Apr 9-10, Seattle, WA Apr 15-16, San Francisco, CA May 6-7, Austin, TX May 27-28, Atlanta, GA Jun 10-11, Baltimore/Washington D.C. Jul 8-9, San Jose, CA Sep 2-3, Boston, MA Sep 23-24, Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Oct 7-8, Houston, TX Oct 21-22, Atlanta, GA Nov 4-5, Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Dec 2-3, New York, NY OpenCL ...

Exciting Updates from AccelerEyes

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We are pleased to announce today that MathWorks and AccelerEyes have started working together to provide the best overall solution for GPU computing in MATLAB® through the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™ from MathWorks. This new relationship will result in great product updates for end users of the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™. Since 2007, AccelerEyes has been a leader in developing GPU software, including Jacket.  AccelerEyes has sold Jacket as a 3rd-party add-on to the MathWorks MATLAB® product.  Effective today, AccelerEyes will discontinue new Jacket product sales.   All existing Jacket license holders will continue to receive support and maintenance from AccelerEyes for 1 year. All existing Jacket licenses are perpetual and will not expire.  Future GPU computing updates ...

Jacket v2.3 Now Available

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We are pleased to announce the new release of Jacket v2.3.  This new version of Jacket brings even greater performance improvements through GPU computing for MATLAB® codes.  (Click here to download v2.3) With v2.3, new support has been added for CUDA 5.0.  This newer version of CUDA enables computation on the latest Kepler K20 GPUs of the NVIDIA Tesla product line. This morning we received an email from a Jacket user who said, "V2.3 + CUDA 5 = wow. Just upgraded and re-ran one of the routines that previously took just under 4 minutes - now less than 2 minutes!" This is a must-have release for all Jacket users.  The performance improvements are generally felt across the board.  Existing Jacket ...

AccelerEyes Celebrates 5 Years with New Product Releases

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AccelerEyes just marked its 5th year in business.  What better way to celebrate than by releasing new products! We are pleased to present ArrayFire v1.2 and Jacket v2.2 for NVIDIA CUDA-based GPUs. These new products support the latest Kepler architecture and include an array of new features and performance boosts, especially for image processing functions. Learn more in the ArrayFire release notes and Jacket release notes. AccelerEyes started up in 2007 with the mission to make productive performance accessible to engineers, scientists, and financial analysts. Our core leadership has been to provide great libraries that are easy-to-use and faster than alternative approaches. The coolest part about working at AccelerEyes is getting to play a part in the awesome projects of our ...

Hiring Tons

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Join the hottest GPU software company. We're rapidly expanding and looking for talented developers who are passionate about making the programming world more efficient. The things we work on at AccelerEyes provide orders of magnitude more productivity for other developers, greatly increasing the amount of science, engineering, and analytics which are produced each year, across the globe, and across every technical computing industry. Specifically, we are looking to hire many developers in the following two roles: Application Engineering - the most vital job. It requires an ability to produce applications in a variety of disciplines, such as healthcare, finance, oil & gas, defense, etc). You will be the most expert users of ArrayFire and Jacket, and will spread your understanding ...

AccelerEyes is Hiring at GTC 2012

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Do you want to code GPUs daily?  Do you want to build software that actually gets used by real people, solving real problems?  Do you want to join the whirlwind of a startup where you own projects and determine success or failure? Then come work at AccelerEyes.  AccelerEyes is hiring for 3 positions:  Inside Salespersons, Fulltime Engineers, and Remote Contract Developers. Checkout our Careers page or swing by our booth at GTC for more info.