OpenCL on Mobile Devices

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While Google has openly displayed its opposition to OpenCL, many hardware manufacturers seem to be putting their weight behind OpenCL. Qualcomm, ARM, Imagination and Vivante support OpenCL on their GPUs. Android Phone manufacturers - Samsung, HTC, Sony and Amazon - ship OpenCL drivers and libraries on their latest generation of devices. Considering the prevalence of OpenCL on shipped devices, it is likely most Renderscript implementations have an OpenCL backend.

To consolidate a list of OpenCL supported Android devices, we created a publicly accessable Google document seen below. If you have an Android phone that is not listed, we'd appreciate it if you contributed to the list. To test if OpenCL is supported on your phone, you can use OpenCL Info app on the Google Play. Alternatively, if you are an OpenCL / Android developer, you can write your own app to test if OpenCL is supported on your device.

List of Android Device with OpenCL support


Here is a list of OpenCL SDK's from various mobile / embedded manufacturers.

The ArrayFire Library

We are working to bring our library to mobile / embedded platforms. We've recently released ArrayFire for Tegra TK1. Please contact if you are interested in using our library on other platforms.