Performance Improvements to JIT in ArrayFire v3.4

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ArrayFire uses Just In Time compilation to combine many light weight functions into a single kernel launch. This along with our easy-to-use API allows users to not only quickly prototype their algorithms, but also get the best out of the underlying hardware. This feature has been a favorite among our users in the domains of finance and scientific simulation. That said, ArrayFire v3.3 and earlier had a few limitations. Namely: Multiple outputs with inter-dependent variables were generating multiple kernels. The number of operations per kernel was fairly limited by default. In the latest release of ArrayFire, we addressed these issues to get some pretty impressive numbers. In the rest of the post, we demonstrate the performance improvements using our BlackScholes ...

ArrayFire Examples (Part 3 of 8) - Financial

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This is the third in a series of posts looking at our current ArrayFire examples. The code can be compiled and run from arrayfire/examples/ when you download and install the ArrayFire library. Today we will discuss the examples found in the financial/ directory. In these examples, my machine has the following configuration:

Black-Scholes There are a number of applications of ArrayFire and GPU programming in the world of finance and markets. Here we have an example of Black-Scholes, which is a model for computing options prices in the stock market. Understanding how this model works isn't necessary to understand this example. In fact, ArrayFire improves the relationship between the scientist/mathematician/analyst who needs to use a particular model, and the programmer who has to write it. Rather ...

GPU Computing with Jacket in Automated Trader

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The Q1 2012 issue of Automated Trader contains an excellent "Mashup!" piece reviewing software for algorithmic trading.  The article provides a wonderful glimpse into the 1-2 month adventure of Andy Webb, Automated Trader's Founder, and Wrecking Crew building a fast trading platform from several technologies.  We heartily recommend that those of you in financial computing go subscribe to get the full story and access to ongoing developments from these Automated Trader thought leaders! The full trading platform they built was quite extensive.  The part that caught our eye was the core computational component of the pipeline.  That component involved permuting 1,000 potential pairs with cointegration tests for 350 time windows on each potential pair. The single core MATLAB® version took 70 minutes ...