Trademark Policy

The literal mark “ArrayFire” and ArrayFire logos are trademarks of ArrayFire.

Trademarks are used to identify and distinguish the source of goods of one party from those offered by others. As such, a trademark must be used properly and consistently otherwise the mark risks becoming generic, making it impossible to enforce. The following guidelines govern the use of ArrayFire trademarks whether by ArrayFire or third parties, in order to protect the value of ArrayFire trademarks and provide guidance to users on how they should or should not use ArrayFire marks. Unauthorized use of ArrayFire trademarks, or similarly confusing marks, which do not comply with the guidelines below, is prohibited and may constitute trademark infringement. These guidelines do not interfere with your right to use or modify the underlying ArrayFire open source software as permitted under the applicable software license.

Throughout this Policy, the word “Marks” refers to the following:

  • The literal mark “ArrayFire”
  • The logos and graphic marks displayed and available for download at
  • The slogan “If you want faster code, you’ve come to the right place”

Throughout this Policy "ArrayFire Product" refers to software, source code, services, and training content developed by ArrayFire or otherwise contributed to ArrayFire by third-parties.

Fair Use

You may use the Marks without prior written permission to refer to an ArrayFire Product when the Marks are used for the purpose of description or identification of an ArrayFire Product where there is no suggestion of endorsement or sponsorship by the trademark owner or use of the Marks in such a way to confuse the consumer. Such use is generally regarded as "fair use" under trademark law.

A few examples of use cases that are clearly fair use are:

  • To refer to the ArrayFire software in substantially unmodified form.
  • To identify the ArrayFire software as a distinct component of a software offering where the Mark is not being used in a way which suggests sponsorship or endorsement of the project.
  • To factually refer to an ArrayFire Product.

Use of the Marks without written permission

Subject to the inclusion of the disclaimer at the bottom of this section, we permit the use of the literal mark, "ArrayFire" to refer to projects, services, or communities outside of ArrayFire Product without written permission in the following contexts:

  • When referring to the ArrayFire software that is not substantially unmodified, to say that such software is a “derivative of” or “based on” ArrayFire.
  • When referring to third-party software that provides interoperability between ArrayFire and a programming language (commonly called "language wrappers"), in the format "ArrayFire.[Language]" or "ArrayFire-[Language]" or [Language] for ArrayFire" -- provided that such use case otherwise compiles with the rest of the Policy.
  • When referring to a third-party software product and/or service that is interoperable with the ArrayFire software, in the format “[Product Name] for ArrayFire” -- provided that such use otherwise complies with the rest of the Policy.

In the above scenarios, the following disclaimer must be prominently displayed:

"[Your project name] is not affiliated with or endorsed by ArrayFire. The ArrayFire literal mark is used under a limited license granted by ArrayFire the trademark holder in the United States and other countries."

Prohibited Use

You may not use the Marks in the following ways:

  • In any way likely to cause confusion as to the identity of an ArrayFire Product, the provenance of its software, or the software's license.
  • In any way that indicates a greater degree of association between you and the ArrayFire Project or ArrayFire than actually exists.
  • In any way that implies a designated successor to an ArrayFire Product.
  • To refer to the ArrayFire software, modified by a third party to the point of inoperability with ArrayFire software in substantially unmodified form.
  • In any other way that dilutes or otherwise infringes upon the trademark rights of ArrayFire.

In addition, you may not use any of the Marks as a syllable in a new word or as part of a portmanteau (e.g., “ArrayFirepedia”) used as a mark for a third-party product or service without explicit written permission from ArrayFire. For the avoidance of doubt, this provision applies even to third-party marks that use the Marks as a syllable or as part of a portmanteau to refer to a product or service's use of ArrayFire code.

Reservation of Rights

ArrayFire reserves the sole right to:

  • Determine the compliance with this Policy
  • Modify the Policy in ways consistent with the mission of protecting the public.
  • Grant exceptions to this Policy, of any kind and for any reason whatsoever, other clauses notwithstanding.


If you have any questions regarding this Policy, wish to report any misuse of ArrayFire trademarks, or are unsure on whether you require a trademark license, or wish to obtain a license to use ArrayFire Marks, please contact