CUDA Consulting

Hire us to accelerate your NVIDIA® CUDA™ code, train your team, or even develop new code for your organization!

We’ve already helped thousands of organizations speed up their code. We’ve accelerated algorithms, sped up data analysis, and solved challenging problems of all types in the past, and we’re confident that we can accelerate your code, too.

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"Solve your problems with help from our experts, leveraging the mindshare of our full team to quickly turnaround high-quality code, documentation, and benchmarks."

-ArrayFire has 14 years of proven experience

Embedded Consulting

NVIDIA® Jetson™ is the world's leading platform for AI at the edge. Jetson modules are small form-factor, high-performance computers, and our team is expert at developing high-quality Jetson applications.

We’ve already helped many of organizations with their Jetson code. We’ve accelerated healthcare, defense, security, entertainment, and retail algorithms at the edge.

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Open Standards Consulting

We have deep expertise with open standards for other accelerator frameworks too. In each of these frameworks, we bring the same excellence in engineering:

  • Intel oneAPI
  • Khronos OpenCL

We expect more and more interest in these frameworks as Intel releases oneAPI accelerators in 2022 and beyond.

Start by setting up a free consultation to discuss your oneAPI or OpenCL project with an ArrayFire expert today!

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Case Studies

Learn how ArrayFire has worked in real code, including applications in academia, finance, government, life sciences, manufacturing, media, and oil & gas.

With ArrayFire, you get the best in accelerated computing, ensuring real success in your business and research objectives.

Below we show some of our favorite projects we've worked on in the past including:

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Starter Package, $1,000

Hire us for a single day. We'll match you with one engineer dedicated for a full day, supported by senior and test engineers throughout the day. Here's how it works:

  • We conduct an initial phone call.
  • You send us your code or algorithm.
  • We analyze your code for potential GPU benefit.
  • We accelerate as much of your code as is possible within the one-day effort, applying our extensive GPU software libraries.
  • We produce a final report for you, along with your optimized code.

The final report outlines the best approach to follow for full GPU-acceleration of your code.

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