Visualizing the af::array with Forge

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The ArrayFire library attempts to make high-performance computing as easy as possible for scientists and engineers. Because many tasks need to be visualized, ArrayFire also provides a high-level interface to our Forge visualization library. In today’s “Learning ArrayFire from scratch” post we present an overview of ArrayFire’s visualization functionality and demonstrate how to use Forge to display data contained in af::array objects.

Q/A Using ArrayFire

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One of the reasons for ArrayFire’s usefulness is the various performance oriented function from many domains. What many people don’t realize is that ArrayFire also includes many utilities for image loading and visualization. In many cases, setting up a test harness is a ton of work. This is where ArrayFire can come in handy. Recently we worked on a project for one of our customers that involved image processing. As a part of development we wanted to make sure the quality is not compromised. They did not have a sufficient test framework in place. One option was to do this was the old fashioned way by reading two images and comparing them on CPU. Given that we needed to compare hundreds of images and …