7 Highlights of GTC 2013 – Day 4 of 4

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Day 4 at GTC is always a little less hyped than the first 3 days, but it is when some of the best sessions are found.

Here are 7 of the highlights we’ve collected from our team on the last day of GTC 2013:

Paulius Micikevicius of NVIDIA gave a great talk entitled, “Performance Optimization: Programming Guidelines and GPU Architecture Details Behind Them.” It was so great, we have 2 highlights from this talk.

  • The first Paulius highlight is the information about how instruction level parallelism is essential to fully take advantage of Kepler GPUs. Paulius gave a clear presentation on these difficult concepts.
  • The second Paulius highlight is the thorough treatment of memory hierarchy for Kepler. It is very detailed and Paulius did an excellent job at communicating good information on how to best use the Kepler memory hierarchy. These are things that are hard to learn from the internet and documentation.

Lars Nyland and Stephen Jones of NVIDIA gave an excellent entitled, “Understanding and Using Atomic Memory Operations.” It was so great, we have 2 highlights from this talk.

  • The first Nyland/Jones highlight is the understanding gained about using atomic memory operations. Atomic operations are not as bad as they look. Great information was conveyed about when and why to use them.
  • The second Nyland/Jones highlight was the explanation of how to use skip lists used for sorting. A great tip for CUDA programming.

The remaining 3 highlights include:

  • Daniel Egloff and Xiang Zheng of QuantAlea GmbH gave a nice talk on “Dynamic CUDA with F# – New Dimensions for GPU Computing on .NET.” It was an interesting financial application talk and the use of NVVM was intriguing.
  • Meeting GPU conference regulars. Thursday is a great day to connect with the regular buddies that attend all these shows along with us. It’s always nice to connect.
  • Reflecting on the show with a closing dinner limited to AccelerEyes employees only. It was a great to enjoy time with just our team in a new city, at a new restaurant, with a lot to reflect upon and stories to tell about the show.

Day 4 was a great finale to GTC. We’ve signed up as a sponsor again for next year!

What highlights did you enjoy the last day at GTC 2013?

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