AccelerEyes Celebrates 5 Years with New Product Releases

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AccelerEyes just marked its 5th year in business.  What better way to celebrate than by releasing new products!

We are pleased to present ArrayFire v1.2 and Jacket v2.2 for NVIDIA CUDA-based GPUs. These new products support the latest Kepler architecture and include an array of new features and performance boosts, especially for image processing functions. Learn more in the ArrayFire release notes and Jacket release notes.

AccelerEyes started up in 2007 with the mission to make productive performance accessible to engineers, scientists, and financial analysts. Our core leadership has been to provide great libraries that are easy-to-use and faster than alternative approaches. The coolest part about working at AccelerEyes is getting to play a part in the awesome projects of our customers. From tracking missiles, to solving complex molecular dynamics, to figuring out how to beat the next guy on a financial trading algorithm, these interactions bring a vibrant spark to the work we do everyday. BTW, if you want to join in, we’re hiring🙂

Especially awesome is the community of developers on the GPU software forums.  Big shouts out to grubin698, Lars1, mgstauffer, and the too-numerous-to-mention other regulars that constantly make life interesting for us!

The early days.  A 2007 photo of a trip to Santa Clara. AccelerEyes introduced NVIDIA to GPU computing in MATLAB® with Jacket v0.1, built by tricking OpenGL shaders to do compute workloads.

People tell us that a large fraction of new businesses don’t make it to 5 years old, let alone make it that long in the relatively hum-drum HPC market. Thanks in large measure to the excellence of my engineering colleagues at AccelerEyes, the marketplace success of ArrayFire and Jacket have spurred tremendously rapid growth for our business.

Help us celebrate today by downloading some software:

What is our plan for the next 5 years? It’s simply to make wonderful acceleration accessible to everyone, which will become even more important as chipmakers continue to diverge in programming models and approaches. With ArrayFire and Jacket, you can program your code once, and take advantage of all the best hardware available. Give it a whirl, and then come let us know how it goes on the forums. See you there!


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