Application Time vs Solver Time

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Last week, HPCwire ran an interesting article entitled, “Where has HPC’s math gone?” The article analyzes the increasing importance of math solvers to successful HPC outcomes. As the number of cores grows, the percentage of time HPC codes spend in solvers increases significantly.

The following chart illustrates this trend nicely:



ArrayFire is ideally suited for HPC applications that need to accelerate the toughest math problems. ArrayFire contains hundreds of math functions across numerous domains.

In general, if the HPC community really wants to solve this problem, it will begin to invest more in libraries than in compilers that have no chance at optimizing these tough math problems automatically. Rather, it is only through expertly-tuned codes, such as those developed into top HPC libraries like ArrayFire, that our industry can hope to achieve great solver performance at scale.

Go read the full post from HPC wire.


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