ARM Showcases ArrayFire OpenCL Support for Mali GPU at Supercomputing ’13

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ARM showcased ArrayFire support for the Mali GPU at the Supercomputing ’13 conference recently held in Denver.  This exciting development caught the attention of many attendees as they viewed the ArrayFire demos running in the ARM and AccelerEyes exhibits.

Visitors to the AccelerEyes exhibit check out the ArrayFire OpenCL Demo on ARM Mali at the Supercomputing Conference.

Visitors to the AccelerEyes exhibit check out the ArrayFire OpenCL demo on ARM Mali at the Supercomputing Conference.


Energy budgets are always constrained, and form an expensive component of any HPC system. ARM Mali GPUs provide the best performance and throughput for a given energy envelope. Partnering with ARM, AccelerEyes further reduces the cost of HPC by minimizing development time and costs.

AccelerEyes offers the most productive software solutions for accelerating code using GPUs, coprocessors, and OpenCL devices.  AccelerEyes delivers ArrayFire to accelerate C, C++, and Fortran codes on CUDA and OpenCL devices.  ArrayFire customers come from a wide range of industries, including defense and intelligence, life science, oil and gas, finance, manufacturing, media, and others. ArrayFire has had success accelerating numerous application types, including math and numerical algorithms, image processing, signal processing, statistics, optimization, and more.

Mali GPU users can deploy ArrayFire as a fast, easy-to-use software solution to enable acceleration of their code. ArrayFire now fully supports OpenCL. With ArrayFire v2.0, AccelerEyes has released a demo version of ARM support to select customers. In ArrayFire v2.1, AccelerEyes will make ARM-support an official feature of the ArrayFire library for use on all ARM-enabled platforms.

Stay tuned for future updates as ARM and AccelerEyes continue collaboration on this exciting project!

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