ArrayFire Benchmarks: AMD Kaveri vs Intel Haswell Part-1

Pradeep GarigipatiArrayFire, Benchmarks 10 Comments

We have had queries in the past requesting benchmarks on integrated GPUs of Intel and AMD processors. This post is a modest attempt to answer those questions. In this post, we focus on the GPU benchmarks of AMD A10-7850K APU & Intel i7-4790K HD 4600 for the following ArrayFire functions.


For most of the benchmarks the Intel system was outperformed by the AMD APU. We believe that we will be able to get more performance from the Intel system by modifying the kernels to use vector operations which will increase the resource utilization. Keep an eye out for a follow up post.

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    1. There might be some improvements to the Kaveri GPU as well. However AMD’s GCN architecture performs close to peak even with scalar datatypes.

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