ArrayFire Examples and Benchmarks Whitepaper

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What do you get when you offer the world’s most comprehensive GPU library available for free? Excited users who go the extra mile and give back to the community.

Andrzej Chrzȩszczyk from Jan Kochanowski University recently wrote an awesome whitepaper, entitled “Matrix Computations on the GPU with ArrayFire for Python and C/C++.” The whitepaper contains many GPU computing tutorial examples as well as performance timings for each example.

Andrzej notes, “The purpose of this document is to make the first steps in using modern graphics cards to general purpose computations simpler.”  This document is especially beneficial for programmers looking to accelerate Python or C/C++ codes.

We thank Andrzej this fine contribution to the ArrayFire community.  His documentation on ArrayFire will be beneficial to all new users of the library.

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