ArrayFire for Defense and Intelligence Applications – Joint Webinar Recap

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In case you missed it, hundreds of attendees recently joined us in a special joint webinar with NVIDIA. The webinar was led by Kyle Spafford, a Senior Developer at AccelerEyes. Kyle detailed how GPU computing can be implemented in the defense and intelligence fields. Kyle specifically addressed enabling unique solutions for applications related to video analysis, recognition, and tracking using the ArrayFire software library for C, C++, and Fortran.

At the conclusion of the presentation Kyle fields questions from those in attendance, including “How does ArrayFire Fortran Lib compare to CUDA Fortran?” (see 59:36 mark), “Can you target a specific GPU if you have multiple on the machine?” (56:14), and “How can I combine several kernels to one fat kernel by using your API data structures?” (43:52).

A big thanks to NVIDIA and all who participated in the webinar!

Here’s the webinar video:

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