ArrayFire on Tegra K1

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We’re pleased to announce the arrival of ArrayFire for NVIDIA Tegra K1!

This version of ArrayFire comes with all the capabilities and features of our standard version of ArrayFire. It includes all ArrayFire CUDA functionality—with the exception of linear algebra support—as well as fully operational graphics support. ArrayFire for Tegra currently works with Tegra K1 processors running Linux for Tegra.

We invite and encourage you to test it out on your boards and give us feedback; any bug fixes or performance improvements will be promptly resolved, as this is a separate branch of ArrayFire.

If you’d like to deploy ArrayFire on Android, feel free to contact us for further support. We are open to partnering with anyone wishing to deploy ArrayFire in other production environments.

We’re also working to release ArrayFire for other mobile and embedded platforms using OpenCL. Stay tuned for future developments.

A couple weeks ago, we released a blog post on Image processing on Tegra K1—check it out for initial performance numbers.

Download ArrayFire for NVIDIA Tegra K1

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