ArrayFire Reception in France

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As an engineers company, we spend a lot of time wrestling in the weeds of low-level GPU and accelerator codes. This is our battleground, and it can often be dizzying in its complexity. Our whole purpose is to hide that mess and tame those low-level beasts so that ArrayFire users get better performance than anyone else.

The joy of ArrayFire comes when we get feedback from ArrayFire users, often from different parts of the world. For instance, the week I share excerpts from two recent emails we received in France:

1) From Barep, a French manufacturing company:  “I think ArrayFire is a ‘must have’ library. It’s very easy to use and can be used under Linux and Windows. Personally, I’m happy to have adopted it.”

2) From INRIA, a French university:  “Your public relations are truly remarkable indeed. This is certainly an investment in customer loyalty. I am touched and I really appreciate this opportunity to work with ArrayFire. It is always nice to work with a company at this level of professionalism. ”

AccelerEyes has value-added resellers around the world. In France, we invite you to meet with Sciworks Technologies to learn more about ArrayFire.

If you have feedback about ArrayFire, please send us a note too or let us know on the community forums.



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