ArrayFire Updates to Kickoff 2022

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We are excited to report a great kickoff to 2022 with this quick list of notable ArrayFire developments underway.

ArrayFire v3.8.1 Release

We recently announced ArrayFire v3.8.1, available on Github (source) and on our download page (binaries).

Flashlight Project for Machine Learning

The open source Flashlight project from Facebook is growing rapidly.  In a single repository, Flashlight provides apps for research across multiple domains:

  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Image classification
  • Object detection
  • Language modeling

Flashlight builds atop ArrayFire as the tensor library for GPU and CPU training.

Parallel Universe Magazine

ArrayFire was recently featured in Intel’s Parallel Universe Magazine. Check out the article entitled, “ArrayFire Interoperability with oneAPI, Libraries, and OpenCL Code.”

This article explains how, with minor code changes, whole OpenCL libraries can be reused rather than rewritten to support Intel’s new open programming model, oneAPI.

The Game of Life vs. Convolutions

Markus Mayer writes an article using ArrayFire in Rust to implement Conway’s Game of Life. Check out the article “The Game of Life vs. Convolutions.”

Quarterly ArrayFire Community Meetings

ArrayFire held its 2nd Quarterly Community Meeting on January 24, 2022. The next meeting is scheduled for April 18, 2022, and we invite anyone to attend. The ArrayFire library is a fully open project with support from the ArrayFire company but leadership and governance held by the community.

Equation Modeling

We recently published summaries of two different research papers using ArrayFire to model important equations in their respective domains.

Also, take a look at over 400 papers published on Google Scholar using ArrayFire.

GPU Computing Job Openings

We are hiring! We are looking for parallel computing experts in CUDA, OpenCL, oneAPI, or similar. The roles available include full-time, part-time/consultant, or internship opportunities.

Apply by sending resume/CV to

The ArrayFire community continues to build great tools that are relied upon by people throughout the technical computing industry in domains as diverse as healthcare, defense, media/entertainment, finance, energy, and research at universities and organizations around the world.

Thank you for your contributions and let’s continue to build the fastest apps on the planet together.

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