Call for ArrayFire User Stories

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There’s a sweet ArrayFire T-Shirt for anyone that submits a write-up of your success with the ArrayFire library. We’ve been working on a new website for our community, and we’d love to hear what you’re doing with the library.

Also, your stories are important to the ArrayFire open source project in that we share them with project funders to motivate their continued investment in our community and library development. Please take some time to help us by sharing your success.

We recognize that most people are not constantly focused on performance improvement. Most of you have ArrayFire in your toolbelt to accelerate code when your application demands excellent performance.

If you have found it helpful in a project, please consider sharing that story with the rest of us. Everyone using ArrayFire is doing something exciting and your additional voice on this blog and the ArrayFire newsletter would be a great way to build community together with us.

The T-shirt is just a fun way to show our appreciation in advance. We are truly grateful to work with you!

To submit your work, please email with the following information:

  1. Overview of your work’s significance and innovation
    • Description of the work
    • Include any figures and images
  2. Explanation of ArrayFire’s role in the application
    • Provide any details about acceleration benefit
    • Include any figures and images
  3. Summarize results and discuss future work

We look forward to hopefully getting to know you more through this endeavor.

To vibrant community together 🥂

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