Computer Vision Demos at SC’10 with 8-GPU Colfax CXT8000

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We just returned from SC’10, the biggest supercomputing show of the year.  At the show, we demoed Jacket driving computer vision demos on an 8-GPU Colfax CXT8000 system… pure eye candy!

We had CPU and GPU versions of the demos running on 8 different monitors, each attached to the 8 Tesla C2050 GPUs in the system.  Input data for the various demos was sourced from 3 webcams and 2 Blu-ray video inputs.

Checkout the demo details, below:

Demo 1

Sobel edge detection with image dilation and interpolation overlaid on Blu-ray video in realtime.

Demo 2

Feature detection on a 4-level pyramid of 640×480 realtime webcam video.

Demo 3

Gradient descent feature tracking , a stripped down version of KLT, tracking 500 features on Blu-ray video in realtime.

Demo 4

Sobel edge detection with image dilation and interpolation overlaid on 640×480 webcam video in realtime.

Demo 5

Image histogram computation of grayscale values in realtime.  No photo available.

Colfax CXT8000 System

Zoomed in view of the powerful machine driving these demos.

Demo Table

Zoomed out view of the demo table.

If you’d like to buy one of these Colfax machines, shoot a note over to Colfax at

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    1. Unfortunately, we never got around to packaging up these demos to share, got distracted by other projects.  If you email to let us know what you’re looking for, we might be able to get something to you.

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