I am AI at NVIDIA & ArrayFire

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I am an explorer.
I am a helper.
I am a healer.
I am a visionary.
I am a builder.
I am even the narrator of the story you are watching.
And the composer of the music.
I am AI.

These words are from the first 3:11 min of Jensen’s keynote today.

Yesterday was another amazing NVIDIA GTC kicking off. Fully remote due to coronavirus, I still enjoyed the content without the travel. I encourage you to watch the video below. A masterpiece.

ArrayFire has participated and exhibited at every in-person NVIDIA GTC, ever since the 2008 NVIDIA NVISION conference, click the link for a nice flashback. NVIDIA has come a long way from that 0:37 clip and the 3:11 clip Jensen showed above.

At NVISION, we showcased running MATLAB on a GPU using OpenGL shaders. That caught the early interest of NVIDIA and other partners. They convinced us to build with CUDA.

So, we started building the ArrayFire library in CUDA initially and ultimately with backends supporting many other data-parallel devices, releasing our first product in 2009.

Ever since, we’ve been there for nearly every partner in our HPC industry, supporting hardware, software, and systems sales across the community. In 2014, we took a big gamble and stopped selling any products.

We have put our time, money, and energy into the open-source community with the belief that good open source business models are best for moving forward the pace of science and engineering, faster than any single member of the community can on their own.

We are excited for AI. What a wonderful time to be alive!

We are also excited about open source initiatives. We will write more about the exciting news there in future posts.

We’ve been a little quiet because we’ve been building something great. Along with the rest of the ecosystem, we too are retooling the way we do things to full focus on an AI future, first for our customers and second for our partners.

Where partners need an extra dose of our help, we expect you to become customers going forward. That is the price of a healthy partnership with us, and we encourage you to consider it. We are really good and highly motivated.

We’ve got a big mission ahead of us and a great team to head down our new plans. We are seeing a nice future!

-John Melonakos, CEO

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