Fast Computer Vision with OpenCV and ArrayFire

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Update:  While the post below discusses LibJacket (no longer a product), you can do the same thing in the newer, but different, ArrayFire library.  Improved performance benchmarks and a simpler API are the results of moving from LibJacket to ArrayFire.

Mcclanahoochie just posted some code and instructions for pairing OpenCV with LibJacket to get accelerated computer vision.  You can do really fast image processing on video cam feeds too, see picture below:

Really cool stuff.  Computer vision is really hot with applications emerging in defense, radiology, games, automotive, and other consumer applications.

Computer vision algorithms like these are also going mobile.  For instance, we have started to build LibJacket for Mobile applications, which runs on Tegra, PowerVR, and other mobile GPU chips.  Portable cameras + portable GPU power makes for some fascinating new application possibilities.

Are you working on computer vision applications?  If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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