Getting More out of GPU Computing with LIBJACKET v1.0

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LIBJACKET v1.0 is here!

It is the Matrix Companion to CUDA, providing a high-productivity performance layer for GPU computing.

Download now to start a free 15-day trial.

It integrates seamlessly with any CUDA code, but can also be used to avoid writing complicated GPU kernels yourself via its matrix interface. Soak up its features, here.

We’re celebrating this launch by offering two big promotions, one for existing Jacket programmers and one for the broader GPU computing community:

  1. Existing Jacket customers get 50% off libJacket.
  2. Buy a Tesla, Get a Free libJacket subscription.

Learn more about these offers.

Here are some other links of interest to this launch:

Over the years, we’ve been thrilled to see Jacket fill an important role in so many GPU projects in MATLAB®. After 6 months of working with thousands of libJacket beta users, we are pleased to arrive at this point.

We look forward to hearing your libJacket stories (e.g. on the forums) as you ramp up with v1.0.

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