Top 10 List at GTC 2012

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It’s going to be hard to sleep tonight.  So much GPU goodness awaits the coming 3 days of the GPU Technology Conference.  Here are my top 10 things to do at GTC 2012:

Sessions to Attend

#1:  S0287 – Jacket for Multidimensional Scaling in Genomics – This is a great opportunity to learn about accelerating MATLAB® on the GPU.  Come learn why thousands of scientists, engineers, and analysts are using Jacket to do more with less coding hassle.
(Day: Tuesday, 05/15; Time: 5:30 pm – 5:55 pm; Location: Room K)

#2:  S0415 – An Accelerated Weeks Method for Numerical Laplace Transform Inversion – Learn how the researchers have been able to utilize Jacket in MATLAB® to more efficiently and robustly implement the Weeks method.
(Day: Wednesday, 05/16; Time: 9:30 am – 9:55 am; Location: Marriott Ballroom 3)

#3:  S0325 – ArrayFire Graphics: A Tutorial – Come learn about how ArrayFire will complement your GPU coding projects.
(Day: Wednesday, 05/16; Time: 10:00 am – 10:25 am; Location: Room A3)

#4:  S0133 – Improving Mars Rover Image Compression Via GPUs And Genetic Algorithms – By using MATLAB® and Jacket to perform 2D convolution on the GPU, we have greatly reduced the total computation time needed.
(Day: Thursday, 05/17; Time: 9:00 am – 9:25 am; Location: Room A3)

Visit the AccelerEyes’ Booth

#5:  AccelerEyes – Come see how Jacket compares to the R2012a Parallel Computing Toolbox™ (Hint: Jacket is >2X faster).  Come see how ArrayFire complements other GPU development efforts, including raw CUDA/OpenCL development, OpenACC, and other GPU libraries like Thrust.

Watch & Meet Jen-Hsun Huang

#6:  Jen-Hsun’s keynote is always a treat.  He is a dynamic speaker and delivers well-executed keynotes, with plenty of eye-candy demos as well as nuggets of exciting new GPU news.  He is also surprisingly available during the rest of the conference.  He walks the show floor and attends the after parties.  If you hang out, you might just get the opportunity to meet him in person.

Get a GPU Coding Job

#7:  AccelerEyes is hiring!  Come to our booth to meet us and get a leg up on other people that don’t get to meet us in person.

Meetup with other GPU Developers

#8:  GTC is a great place to connect with other GPU developers working on similar problems.  Be friendly and talk to people at the show.  It’s a great place to build mutually beneficial relationships that catalyze GPU development projects.

Show Off

#9:  GTC is a great place to show off your latest GPU projects.  If you have something cool you’ve developed, bring it by the AccelerEyes booth.  We’d love to see it and chat about your GPU work together.

Stay in Touch

#10:  Be sure to keep in touch after the show.  Follow-up on discussions.  Connect on Twitter, Facebook, or GPU Software blogs to stay tuned with the constantly evolving landscape of GPU computing software.

We look forward to seeing you at GTC 2012!

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