Jacket accelerating life science and defense applications

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With IBM’s decision this week to integrate Tesla technology into it’s high performance computing line, there should be no doubt that GP-GPU computing is more than a fad, organizations solving technical problems are able to do them more productively and efficiently than ever before with GPUs.  AccelerEyes’ customers are experiencing this first hand with the Jacket product family as they are able to quickly and easily implement new or existing algorithms for GPUs and accomplish their technical needs much faster with substantial speed improvements.

Case in point, this week, AccelerEyes has released two case studies from customers that have used Jacket to transform their applications to GPU Computing with compelling results.

System Planning Corporation has implemented two different radar processing applications for the GPU with Jacket that have provided the insight they needed to fully understand how GPUs can benefit their customer requirements.  Learn more about these applications:



The Laboratory for Spectral Diagnosis at Northeastern University, under the leadership of Professor Max Diem, has a research focus on spectral diagnosis of disease and have leverage Jacket and GPUs to accelerate their research while also accelerating the time it takes to identify cancer and other illnesses.  Learn more at http://www.accelereyes.com/resources/spectroscopy

Jacket and NVIDIA GPUs continue to address and accelerate a growing list of science, engineering and analytical applications.  Additional case studies of application using Jacket can be found at http://www.accelereyes.com/successstories

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