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Lenovo and AccelerEyes have a joint solution for optimizing M code on Lenovo workstations.  The combined HPC solution combines high Intel Xeon CPU performance for daily productivity with unprecedented NVIDIA graphics (GPU) performance for parallel computing with Jacket. Jacket’s comprehensive benchmark suite, when run on Lenovo ThinkStation systems, shows tremendous amounts of speedups for a wide variety of computationally-intensive applications.

Jacket is the world’s fastest and broadest GPU software accelerating the M-language commonly found in MATLAB®.  Thousands of customers around the world have used Jacket to accelerate their MATLAB code.

Lenovo ThinkStation systems are ideally suited for running real-world high-performance applications using Jacket. While the high-end CPUs are ideal for daily productivity tasks, Jacket and the Quadro GPUs perform HPC operations with ease.

To demonstrate the value gained by upgrading to a ThinkStation with an NVIDIA Quadro, benchmarks were run on the E20, S20 and D20 systems with Jacket and a variety of GPUs. We combined each of the three systems with three different GPUs in a good-better-best configuration, to create 9 different hardware test environments for the Jacket benchmark suite.

The resulting speed-ups achieved over the baseline system show tremendous speed advantages that get wider as the configuration gets better.  It is worth noting that with the Jacket MGL add-on, you can run code on multiple GPUs on the same machine. We observed a performance boost of up to 90% with each additional GPU added to the system.

Jacket has a wide range of domain-specific library functions available for free. Functions for Image, Signal and Video Processing, statistics and graphics are included with the Jacket package. This allows domain professionals to get going right away without the added hassle of choosing which packages to buy.  Jacket combines high-level programmability in M-code with the ability to control the nuts and bolts. Using the Jacket SDK, you can create customized computational kernels for your domain-specific algorithms using the same code that many of Jacket’s functions are written in. Functions that use Jacket SDK plug in effortlessly to Jacket’s core and benefit from Jacket’s automated optimizations.  Jacket code is deployable to machines without a MATLAB or Jacket license. Using the Jacket JMC add-on, your code can be compiled either into an executable package or a library that can be linked into other programs.

The Lenovo ThinkStation with Jacket is a high-performance, power-efficient advanced workstation HPC platform solution that brings supercomputing power to MATLAB users for a fraction of the cost. With its demonstrated ability to achieve high speedups across a variety of applications, Jacket for MATLAB will help you harness the ThinkStation’s full computing potential.

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