Jacket v2.3 Now Available

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We are pleased to announce the new release of Jacket v2.3.  This new version of Jacket brings even greater performance improvements through GPU computing for MATLAB® codes.  (Click here to download v2.3)

With v2.3, new support has been added for CUDA 5.0.  This newer version of CUDA enables computation on the latest Kepler K20 GPUs of the NVIDIA Tesla product line.

This morning we received an email from a Jacket user who said, “V2.3 + CUDA 5 = wow. Just upgraded and re-ran one of the routines that previously took just under 4 minutes – now less than 2 minutes!”

This is a must-have release for all Jacket users.  The performance improvements are generally felt across the board.  Existing Jacket codes can be accelerated further merely by downloading and upgrading to this new v2.3 release.  No additional code modifications are required.  Full release notes are here.

Along with this new Jacket v2.3 release, AccelerEyes offers a variety of technical computing resources, including monthly GPU computing webinars.  We invite you to learn more about GPU computing by attending one of these webinars.

Further, AccelerEyes will be exhibiting at the upcoming SC’12 conference in Salt Lake City.  Come visit us in Booth #2415.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about this new Jacket v2.3 release!

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