Jacket for MATLAB on HP Z Workstation series

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AccelerEyes has had access to a couple of Z Workstation series from Hewlett Packard for Jacket testing. Our goal is to make GPU computing more economical and accessible to technical computing users by working with leading computer OEMs.

According to most analysts that follow the workstation market, HP is a leader for workstations. Support for HP’s Z Workstations enables users, who previously didn’t have the budgets and programming knowledge, to tap the power of GPU computing to solve their growing scientific and engineering problems.

AccelerEyes has certified and completed performance testing on both the entry level HP Z200 Workstation and the high performance HP Z800 Workstation. The results from these tests can be reviewed at http://www.accelereyes.com/partners/hp.

The HP Z Series leads the workstation market in technical computing. Jacket programmers constantly ask us to help them with workstation purchases. With the scalability and performance of the Z Series, MATLAB programmers have a great platform for GPU computing with Jacket.

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