Open Source Initiatives from ArrayFire

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At ArrayFire we like to use a lot of Free/Open Source software. We use various Linux distributions, Jenkins, Gitlab, gcc, emacs, vim and numerous other FOSS tools on a daily basis.

We also love the idea of developing software collaboratively and openly. Last year we started working with AMD on CL Math Libraries. Internally we’ve had numerous discussions about contributing to the GPGPU community. However, it’s neither simple nor straightforward to take a closed software Open Source. Earlier this year, we decided to take the first step and Open Source all of the ArrayFire library’s  tertiary projects. This includes all of our ArrayFire library’s language wrappers, examples, and source code used for our blog posts. All of our projects are hosted at our GitHub page.

These are some of the projects  you will find on our GitHub page:

Additionally, some of our users have also created a GitHub page to host projects developed by our community. If you are an ArrayFire library user and have any projects you would like to share, please go to our ArrayFire community page and contribute!

We are working towards even bigger things in the future!

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