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While Google has openly displayed its opposition to OpenCL, many hardware manufacturers seem to be putting their weight behind OpenCL. Qualcomm, ARM, Imagination and Vivante support OpenCL on their GPUs. Android Phone manufacturers – Samsung, HTC, Sony and Amazon – ship OpenCL drivers and libraries on their latest generation of devices. Considering the prevalence of OpenCL on shipped devices, it is likely most Renderscript implementations have an OpenCL backend.

To consolidate a list of OpenCL supported Android devices, we created a publicly accessable Google document seen below. If you have an Android phone that is not listed, we’d appreciate it if you contributed to the list. To test if OpenCL is supported on your phone, you can use OpenCL Info app on the Google Play. Alternatively, if you are an OpenCL / Android developer, you can write your own app to test if OpenCL is supported on your device.

List of Android Device with OpenCL support


Here is a list of OpenCL SDK’s from various mobile / embedded manufacturers.

The ArrayFire Library

We are working to bring our library to mobile / embedded platforms. We’ve recently released ArrayFire for Tegra TK1. Please contact if you are interested in using our library on other platforms.

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  2. Last time I checked I could only use GPU device on Galaxy Note 3 LTE version. Does CPU device has online compiler support?
    Also do I need to download SDK to build CL apps for Note 3?

    1. The OpenCL library file provided on Galaxy Note 3 does expose the Krait CPU. We were able to query the device for OpenCL platform/device properties. You can also check the CPU device capability using the OpenCL Info app( we posted in the above blog. I assume you have CL programming experience on desktop. You do not need Adreno SDK to develop CL apps if you are already aware of development process using Android NDK. In any case, you can always use our recent post ( as reference for developing OpenCL applications for Android.

  3. It is a great initiative to build up a list of Android devices that support OpenCL. To even further support this we created an app that does this automatically. It detects and tests the OpenCL implementation. The big difference is that it does not just display the data, but it also posts the results directly to a cloud database. With the app you can directly search through the data. This enables the community/developer to easily pick a OpenCL capable device and see what the penetration is of OpenCL on Android. At the moment list is already interesting to browse through !

    Hope that you are willing to use this app and build an accurate list more quickly. Thanks for testing and contributing.

  4. This is a great list, and I hope developers can keep updating this list with new device information.

    I would like to announce that OpenCL-Z for Android has been released on Google Play:

    This app can not only display the detailed information about the devices and platforms, but also provides some raw computing power numbers by running some benchmark tests. It could be useful for some OpenCL developers. Thanks for maintaining this list.

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