The Torch By ArrayFire: Q1’2023 GPU Updates

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News for the accelerated computing community – March 23, 2023

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Dear ArrayFire Community,

The first quarter of 2023 was highlighted by substantial progress on the oneAPI backend for ArrayFire. Updates on this project can be tracked on the ArrayFire Github.

With the explosion of AI throughout technical computing domains, we are working closely with the teams at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) working on the Flashlight and Shumai projects. We share a project spotlight on Shumai below.

From interactions with many of you and reading papers published using ArrayFire, we are delighted to see our work be used to make a difference in meaningful technical computing projects. If you want to showcase your project in this newsletter, please get in touch with me at

This quarterly newsletter brings together people using and developing ArrayFire and other accelerated computing tools. You are part of this vibrant group that “gathers” around open-source work.


-John Melonakos, Maintainer

Product Releases

ArrayFire v3.8.3 was released on Feb 13, 2023. Read more about it on the ArrayFire blog.

Project Spotlight:  Shumai by Facebook Research

Shumai is a fast, network-connected, differentiable tensor library for TypeScript (and JavaScript). Built with Bun + Flashlight + ArrayFire for software engineers and researchers alike.

Shumai is >4X faster than TensorFlow for most of the benchmarks provided by the project.

User Showcase

ArrayFire users from around the world are developing accelerated applications. Here is a sampling of their publications:

Simulating Soliton Excitations in Open Systems – University of Porto, Portugal

Visualizing a Trained Neural Network – University Bordeaux, France

Accelerated NSGA-2 for Multi-Objective Optimization Problems – Catalan Telecommunications Technology Centre, Spain

ArrayFire Community Meetings

On January 23rd, 2023, the ArrayFire community meeting covered the following topics:

  • New v3.8.3 patch release
  • Progress on the oneAPI backend
  • Update documentation style
  • Fast Math
  • Misc internal updates

The next community meeting is on April 17th, 2023. An invitation to this meeting and a review of previous meetings are available on GitHub.

Consulting and Training Services

ArrayFire is free and open source and always will be.

ArrayFire serves many clients through consulting and coding services, algorithm development, porting code, and training courses for developers.

If you or your customers are interested, contact us at or schedule a free technical consultation to learn more about our consulting and coding services.

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