AccelerEyes Releases ArrayFire GPU Software

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A free, fast, and simple GPU library for CUDA and OpenCL devices.

AccelerEyes announces the launch of ArrayFire, a freely-available GPU software library supporting CUDA and OpenCL devices.

ArrayFire supports C, C++, Fortran, and Python languages on AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA hardware.  Learn more by visiting the ArrayFire product page.

“ArrayFire is our best software yet and anyone considering GPU computing can benefit,” says James Malcolm, VP Engineering at AccelerEyes.  “It is fast, simple, GPU-vendor neutral, full of functions, and free for most users.”

Thousands of paying customers currently enjoy AccelerEyes’ GPU software products.  With ArrayFire, everyone developing software for GPUs has an opportunity to enjoy these benefits without the upfront expense of a developer license.

Reasons to use ArrayFire:

  • Fast.  It beats other CPU and GPU acceleration software.  Benchmark it yourself!
  • Friendly.  You can learn it in minutes.  It is super easy to use.
  • Useful.  It will benefit your code.  It contains the largest set of GPU software functions in the world.
  • HW-neutral.  Run on your favorite hardware.  ArrayFire code runs on any CUDA or OpenCL device.
  • Proven.  AccelerEyes’ software is relied upon by thousands of active users.  You can tap great support on the ArrayFire forums.
  • GFOR.  You get the powerful and only GPU FOR-loop in the world.
  • Multi-GPU Scalable.  You can scale from one to multiple GPUs in minutes with one simple function call.
  • Graphics.  Beautiful OpenGL visualizations, adding eye-candy to your acceleration.

“We are excited to make ArrayFire free to most customers,” says John Melonakos, CEO of AccelerEyes.  “We see too many organizations frustrated by the difficulty of programming GPUs today.  ArrayFire removes that frustration, enabling GPU tire-kickers to realize the true benefits of the powerful GPU hardware.”

It is well-supported commercial software at open-source prices.  Visit our website to download the new software today!

Pricing and Availability 

ArrayFire is free for most users.  To learn more about ArrayFire licensing, visit the ArrayFire licensing page.

Try our Professional Services

AccelerEyes provides professional GPU consulting services.  Our team of engineers guarantees great results from GPU computing.  Equipped with ArrayFire and years of experience, our experts deliver results in fewer hours than any other consulting firms.  Set up a free GPU consultation today by emailing us at

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