ArrayFire is Now Open Source

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Yes, you read that right! ArrayFire is open source—it’s all there and it’s all free. This is big, and you and the rest of the parallel computing community are going to love it!

You can download our pre-compiled binary installers which are optimized for a wide variety of systems or you can get a copy of the ArrayFire source code from our GitHub page. ArrayFire is being released under the BSD 3-Clause License, which will enable unencumbered deployment and portability of ArrayFire for commercial use.

So go check it out! We welcome your feedback and look forward to your future contributions to ArrayFire.

The move to open source isn’t our only news—we’ve also made ArrayFire better than ever. Check out our recent post (now updated) to learn more about the new features we’ve added to ArrayFire. Be sure to also check out all of the ArrayFire functions (and a lot more!) in our documentation.

You’ve got the source. Now join the community.

Now for the most important part. We want you to be an integral part of the ArrayFire community. We’re big fans of freedom, collaboration, and perpetual motion. Adapt ArrayFire to meet your needs, watch it blaze, and tell us all about it!

Here’s how to get started.

We’ll also be organizing webinars, meetups, and other networking opportunities to get feedback from the community and collaborate on future updates to ArrayFire. We strongly encourage your participation and contributions—and brownie points will be awarded to top contributors!

Need additional help?

Everyone could use a hand now and then. Dedicated technical support is now available from our team of ArrayFire developers. Choose from among our three ArrayFire support packages, or simply go hour-by-hour. Whatever your level of need, the ArrayFire team is here for you.

How about custom developer services? We’ve got you covered there, too! Hire us to accelerate your code, write custom code for your organization, or even train your pros.

For more information check out our new and improved website or contact us at

Looking forward to having you join us in this exciting venture!

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  1. Waw, I have to say I’m impressed! I tried using ArrayFire recently and loved it, and was actually thinking that the fact that it’s not o/s is something of an obstacle in adopting it for some of my new projects.

    Well, my hat is off to you guys, I hope you will have tons of good contributions and good business as a result of this! Really! What a nice Christmas present to the community! Thanks and God bless!

    P.S. Not to be mean, but thank you for going for a BSD-style license and not the GPL.

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