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Yesterday, we posted photos from our exhibit. Today was the last day of SC13, and we want to tip our hat to the wonderful partners that magnified our SC13 experience.

Creative Consultants, Mellanox, and Allinea

Creative Consultants ran an ArrayFire demo across several nodes using Mellanox interconnect. The demo was a multi-node, multi-GPU lattice boltzmann simulation. Allinea also showcased their debugging and profiling tools on the same ArrayFire based code.


ArrayFire OpenCL demos were showcased in the AMD exhibit. It was great to see momentum from AMD at SC13 carried over from the previous week’s APU13 conference.


In the photo below, you can see ArrayFire running on Microway’s WhisperStation. Microway had prime real estate at the conference and surely every attendee that entered the exhibition saw this demo!



One of our favorite aspects of the show is the Intel Traveler’s Tour. Many times each day, Intel brought a guided tour of its customers by our booth and showed them ArrayFire OpenCL running on the Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor. The guide was fantastic. He was energetic, interesting, and friendly.

My team and I were very grateful to Intel for this magnification of our SC13 experience. They literally introduced hundreds of potential customers to our company.

We also gave an invited talk in the Intel exhibit that was well-received.


One of our newest announcements is that ArrayFire now supports the ARM OpenCL devices, including the Mali GPU. ARM showcased ArrayFire in action on the Mali GPU. The photo below shows the ArrayFire demo running in the ARM exhibit, pulled from this tweet.


SC13 was a wonderful opportunity to work with our partners to move forward with solutions to benefit the HPC and technical computing markets.

What were your favorite moments of SC13?

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